Apperito 37.5CL

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Key Features

  • About 20% of alcohol
  • Red and slightly fruity
  • Bitter aperitif
  • From the trusted stable of Grand Oak
  • Available in 37.5cl
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It’s a quiet pleasant evening and you are home early, maybe for the first time in a while. You settle in with your usual soft drink but this time, you want an extra something to spice it up. Apperito bitter adds a slightly bitter and spicy taste to your beverage that leaves you satisfied.

Apperito is a red, lightly fruity, bitter-sweet beverage. It’s a bitter aperitif with a touch of underlying sweetness, encased in a beautiful flint bottle. Apperito Bitter is a fun and adventurous mixer that improves the taste of other drinks while retaining an exotic and spicy taste when taken straight. However it’s taken, it gives a refreshing satisfaction and a taste of adventure.
Apperito can be served straight, on the rocks or as a mixer or spice for Chapman and soft drinks.
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