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Key Features

  • Shea butter for skin rejuvenation.
  • Glycerin for epidermis glow.
  • Skin softening & cleansing.
  • Long-lasting family use.
  • Mild and gentle on all kinds of skins.
  • Milk for skin smoothening.
  • Honey for epidermis repair and revitalization.

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Premier bath bar 175g x 1 (Milk & Honey)

Premier bath bar (Lemon & Glycerin) is Nigeria’s number one feel-good toilet bar soap. The soap has a very strong heritage since its first market circulation, and a lot of households have it certified as the toilet bar soap of choice for the whole family. Premier bath bar (Lemon & Glycerin) has quite a number of natural care ingredients which includes Shea Butter for an unrivalled skin rejuvenation result and, and Glycerin for total skin protection from damaging bacteria activities.

Premier bath bar (Lemon & Glycerin) is known for its natural care ingredients and its quick rejuvenating action on the skin. It is trusted by millions of Nigerian families for its wide range of usage and features, its mild and gentle cleaning formulation and its effective rejuvenating shea butter ingredient. Premier bath bar (Shea Butter & Glycerin) gives you that ultimate satisfaction with every wash and it comes in 4 other variants which include the Aloe Vera & Glycerin, Milk & Honey, Rosewater & Glycerin, and Lemon & Glycerin.

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